Orel Powell

Born in Westmoreland, a parish in western Jamaica, Orel Powell, a former banking executive, decided to open a place in South Florida for Caribbean people to meet and enjoy the music of their islands.  He called it Memory Lane, and it became the go-to place for many Caribbean and American party-goers, as well as a venue where community, political and businesses held their events.  The safety of his customers as well as outstanding customer service were priorities for Mr. Powell and his son, Brian. They also supported the community in numerous ways.  Orel loves music but he left the musical selections to his resident DJs, Ever Never and Markie Mark.


Mr. Powell was a member of the Greater Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce, and he hosted the Chamber’s annual Toy drive for many years.  He and his business received numerous community recognitions and favorable comments from his customers and other businesses.  Over the years, Memory Lane was listed in the South Florida Visitors Guide as a favorable place to visit, and was frequently visited by local and state elected.


On September 4, 2017, Memory Lane closed its doors, and its ending has left a void in the community but has left us with many memories and marriages, because Orel Powell made his business a place for all.  Thanks for the memories!