Karl Gordon

Carl is no different from any other immigrant he wanted to succeed and was very experience and it served him well when he became an entrepreneur. He is humorous and very talented he attempted fashion modelling for Caribbean Lifestyle Magazine, appeared in a few plays like Dem Good Old Days and the ‘Jamaican Love Story’ written and directed by Jabulani Tafari.
Karl had his heart set on opening his own restaurant. He got a Job at Norma’s Restaurant where he did more advance work in the kitchen. He later began cooking and delivery from home. With encouragement from patrons and support from family he partnered with his fiancé Donna and opened his first Restaurant in 1996. It was named after her, and located in Plantation.
Karl is committed to helping to develop a professional work place and never forgets his humble beginnings. Karl through Donna’s Group has made contributions to local organizations here and in Jamaica. He is the benefactor of the Falmouth All Age the Cedrick Titus and the William Knibb School in Falmouth. The Donna’s brand currently operates 7 restaurants across Broward County and employs many Jamaican nationals and others.