Cynthia Baker McDonald

She found her calling and in 1992 she started her vision for All County in the garage of her home. Today All County Career Institute is a strong and valued resource to the medical profession. In 1996 she opened an office in Delray Beach and 1999 two location in Jacksonville. In 2004 she acquired CWG Health Care Solutions which specializes in skilled care. In 2005 she purchased 2 building in Lauderdale Lakes now the Headquarters for her businesses and the home of her church the West Broward Church of God.

Cynthia Baker McDonald consistently contributes to Caribbean Friends of UNCF, Granville Trelawney Place of Safety, Falmouth Infirmary, Bounty Hall Golden Age Club and others too numerous to mention.   She is loved and supported by her husband Trevor, her children, grandchildren, staff and friends.

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