Rep. Daphne Campbell:

Since her election she has accomplished many things for her constituency in District 108 and for the entire State of Florida. Her office has helped families reunite, helped prevent foreclosures, sent children to alternative schools. She is a very active voice and strong advocate for people who lack the ability to care or speak for themselves.  Daphne possesses the extraordinary leadership qualities required to rebuild, restore, empower and inspire District 108.  She has been and continues to zealously and tenaciously be the voice for all people.

One thought on “Rep. Daphne Campbell:

  1. Great, great ideas. As a parent of a soon-graduating student who is the product of my diocese’s school system (and an extremely disappointed one at that) all I can say is, “Good luck with that.” Those ideas would be laughed at and derided I am sorry to say. i love your phrase about sprinkling holy water on a public school education. Priceless.
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